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Production possibilities

The heart of the company for container production represent the production hall with the area of ca. 3000 m2.2. The production hall is fully equipped and adjusted to the production of special containers with the total capacity of 180 containers per year. The production of agregate containers, containers for cogeneration units and other special kinds of containers.

To handling facilities of production hall belong crane with the total lifting capacity of 8 tons, forklift cart and other necessary equipments important by container production.

The important part of the container production is also its own painting room, in which are containers painted in anticorrosive levels fromC3C3 to the highest level C5i.C5iIn the case of customer requirement we provide also sanding of the containers.

Production possibilities

Výroba veľkoobjemových kontajnerov Výroba veľkoobjemových kontajnerov Výroba veľkoobjemových kontajnerov
Spezialcontainer Spezialcontainer Spezialcontainer


By the production of special containers our company use the most modern technologies necessary by container production. The basic material by container production is processed on the most modern technological facilities. Our company invested into the best technologies to garantuee our current and future customers the best quality and fast delivery of produced containers.

Machine capacity

Strojový park Strojový park Strojový park


The transport of containers to our customers is carried out in cooperation with renowned conveyor companies which export our products in the whole world. The big advantage in container transport is the direct connection to the international highway, which is closed to the company.


Our company is right now in the final part of the sucessful process of achieving the following certificates of quality:

Spezialcontainer Spezialcontainer Spezialcontainer


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Container production

The manufacture of containers we place great emphasis on welding processes. Welding and construction of containers and container coating is carried out by specialists in those fields. Our employees have years of experience in the manufacture of containers that belong to our company among the top manufacturers of containers.

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